Auto Insurance

Protect your car while saving

Insuring A Smooth Ride...

Quality auto insurance is a key component of a good financial plan. The right coverage can help safeguard your assets from loss, damage and lawsuits when the unexpected happens. As your Allstate agents, we can help you create an affordable auto policy that provides financial security and gives you peace of mind.

In addition to the quality coverage and services you normally expect from Allstate, we now offer you even more. You can enjoy great savings and select from a wide range of new innovative features such as Accident Forgiveness, Deductible Rewards, Safe Driving Bonus and New Car Replacement. This exclusive coverage provides you with greater protection and rewards-starting from day one.

Take Another Look

Have you been carrying the same coverage amounts you’ve had for years? We can help you evaluate whether it’s to your benefit to change them to reflect your current situation. We may also be able to help you save money with Allstate auto discounts. Are you a safe driver? Does your teenager have good grades? The answers to these questions and others may save you money. Whether it’s helping to secure your future, explaining new protection and rewards or looking for ways to save you money, we can help you get auto insurance coverage with your needs in mind

New Protection and Rewards

Make your auto insurance work harder for you by adding optional packages that reward safe driving, forgive your accidents, and can replace your new car if you total it.

Coverage Options

You want to select the right auto insurance to protect yourself and your family. Learn more about coverage options and understand which ones will meet your needs. Get the right Maryland insurance for you!

Looking to Insure Your Motorcycle or Boat? We can help!

Motorcycle Insurance

You enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a ride on the open road. Whether you ride the latest model or a tried-and-true classic, you need to protect yourself and your riders from any unexpected bumps. With Allstate, you can ride easy knowing you’ve got quality motorcycle insurance at an affordable price.

Boat Insurance

A life jacket shouldn’t be your only source of protection when the waves get rough. As a boat owner, you join over 70 million boaters tackling the tide each year.¹ That means thousands of boating accidents annually. As your Allstate agents, we’re here to help you find boat insurance that protects you, your family and your boat—both on and off the water.