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Get a quote for the best insurance to protect your business.

business insurance - Spillman-Henderson

Business Owners Policy

Whether you own delivery vans, service trucks, or just a handful of mid-class sedans for employee travel, Spillman-Henderson Agency has you covered! We can provide valuable protection against the liability upsets that could potentially stake a claim on your business assets.

business insurance - Spillman-Henderson

Supplemental Insurance for the Workplace

Allstate Benefits can provide your employees supplemental insurance products, including Accident, Cancer and Disability Insurance. Learn more about how to satisfy the needs of your employees in a way that’s convenient and economical for them and you.

business insurance - Spillman-Henderson

Speciality Insurance Programs

You may share common insurance needs with other businesses in your line of work. Drawing on our extensive history in commercial insurance, Allstate has developed Specialty Insurance Programs that offer an industry-targeted solution to your unique needs!

business insurance - Spillman-Henderson

Property and Liability

If you’re looking to insure your business property and protect yourself from the general risks that come with running a business, such as employee dishonesty, Allstate offers a convenient choice between individualized or package insurance policies.

As a business owner, securing your business for the long-run takes a strategy that works on all fronts—responding to your individual, business and employee needs. What safeguards do you have against the liabilities and risks that come with managing your business? Do you have plans for the continuation of the business after your death, or the death of a partner or a key employee? What benefits do you offer employees to maintain their security and loyalty? How about your own financial needs?

There’s a lot to consider, but—odds are—you’re not the type to shy away from resolving them! As your local Allstate agents, we can give you some helpful information for responding to these and many other questions you may have about protecting your hard-earned investments. Together, we can figure out which coverage options, limits and deductibles fit your business! And, as you continue to review, change and renew your business insurance policy, we’ll be there to help with any other products you may need!

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