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Mary D. Glover


Wow! This agency has a bunch of great people with great characters. They are trustworthy and provide world class insurance services. They took the time and effort to analyze my current policies and made excellent recommendations. I now pay significantly less on insurance and have a much better coverage. I know how tedious paperwork can be from experience but Bruce Henderson was able to make everything smooth and painless. Keep making the world a better place guys, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to recommend your services to anyone in need of the best insurance services.

Robin S. Potts


Nobody ever hopes to use their insurance but it’s definitely a nice thing to have and it doesn’t get better than being covered by Spillman Henderson Agency. I’ve not got any special talents but one thing I’m absolutely good at is spotting great value and the services these guys provide nothing short of the complete package. When experience, knowledge and dependability matter, only one name should come to mind; Spillman Henderson Agency! My homeowners’ insurance for my personal residence as well as rentals are with them and never for once have I been disappointed. Only regret is not finding them earlier.

Terrell G. Wood


At a time when insurance companies cut corners and make fake promises, the honesty and reliability of the Spillman Henderson Agency is a breath of fresh air! The staff has every customer’s best interest in mind. They’ve saved me significant amounts of money on my various insurances. I will forever remain grateful for their thoroughness, patience and all the effort they put in to make sure that I have the best plan for my needs.

Matthew D. Mullins


We’ve chosen to place our trust in Spillman Henderson Agency for our personal as well as our business insurance needs. We’ve been lucky enough to work with a good number of the staff and every one of them is highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The quick turnaround and high accuracy of the information they provide are impressive. Now we can finally be at peace knowing that they’ve got all of our insurance needs covered and will be there for us in the future if anything comes up.

Troy C. Felton


It is without hesitation that I provide a testimonial for Spillman Henderson Agency. They quoted my homeowner and automobile insurances. I was skeptical that could serve me better than any of my previous providers – I was wrong! They gave me a detailed quote and gave me options that fit my specific need, this is something I’ve never gotten elsewhere. Bruce Henderson is terrific; he always kept me aware of what actions needed my attention. He and every other member of the commendable team are mindful of customer satisfaction. They are dedicated to giving back to the community and I find this characteristic highly creditable. I will surely be spreading the good news about your services!

Tiffany Williams


The experience was much more painless than expected. Everyone was so patient and all of our questions were answered thoroughly. We immediately opened 3 policies and highly recommended the Spillman-Henderosn agency to friends a family. Thank you so much for putting protection on our family at a reasonable cost.

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